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Is 4D movies the next big thing for blockbusters?

The 4D Immersion Theater, located at the National Aquarium, provided an experience, unlike any ordinary movie theater. Notably, the selection consisted of three 4D films to choose from – Shark: A 4D Experience, Being Dolphin 4D, and The Polar Express 4D Experience. I decided to go with Shark: A 4D Experience. Although the film was approximately […]

Top 5 Home-Tech Trends for 2020

Home Technology Trends 2020 The year 2019 was an exciting year for technology. Most of the top focus trends were on wellness, low-voltage lighting, architectural design, accelerated cord-cutting, and more. However, the year 2020 is filled with much more top exciting new technology trends. Some on the top list have been around for quite some […]

The Best Free Tactical Pen by Ape Survival

A tactical pen is the best pen that you didn’t know you needed. Ape Survival is a tactical company with a quest to bring affordable, high quality outdoor products to customers in Australia, USA, and Canada. But, they’re more than just an online store. They’re a community of like-minded people that share ideas on bush […]


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