Kennel Crate Your Dog for Training Management

Why should you kennel crate your dog?

The primary use for a kennel crate is house-training, because dogs don’t like to soil their dens. The crate can limit access to the rest of the house while they learn other rules, like not to chew on furniture or go through the trash. Crates are also a safe way to transport your dog in the car.

Meet Benji: He was a bad boy

Benji's look of guilt after making a huge mess. He should have been in the kennel crate.
Source: Ricardo Suarez, Jr.
Benji’s look of guilt after making a huge mess.

Benji decided to explore the house while the owner was not looking. He found a trash can in their home office and began to go through it. He was able to find food leftovers and decided to treat himself (Lesson Learned: Never leave leftovers in a trash can that the dog can reach).

While the owner is at fault for leaving trash accessible to the dog, it is important that the dog understands that it is not good behavior. In fact, by the look on the dog’s face, he seemed to know that he was a bad boy.

While it is not advisable to use a pet crate as a punishment. It can be used as a training management tool until you can trust them not to destroy the house or in Benji’s case, explore through the trash.

Benji was not in his kennel crate and made a mess.

How to choose the right dog crate?


  • Plastic dog crates are generally made of a durable poly-blend with a chrome-plated steel bar door. Features include ventilated side panels and a leak-proof bottom. They offer privacy and are approved for airline travel.
  • Travel dog crates provide superior strength and durability. They feature heavy-duty construction, excellent ventilation, and great visibility. Travel crates are perfect for flying or driving with your dog, plus they are also commonly used for training.
  • Wire dog crates provide maximum ventilation, security and portability. Some fold down to a convenient size for easy storage. These crates are also easy to clean because of the maximized open space.
  • Smart dog crates are expensive but they are designed to reduce anxiety by separation, loud noises, and storm phobia. Its special sensors know when a pet enters and starts working its magic by playing specialized music and creating a soft gentle air flow.


Dog crates also come in different sizes, and it’s important to know the right size crate for your dog. A dog crate size chart can come in handy. Typically, the height and length of your dog will determine the correct size; the ideal size should allow your dog to stand up, without ducking his head below his shoulders, and to lie down and stretch to his full body length without being cramped.

A divider panel adds versatility to your dog kennel and saves you money by allowing you to adjust the size as your puppy grows. It is important to keep the size somewhat restrictive because dogs will naturally prefer to be clean; if the crate is too big, the dog might relieve himself in one corner, and then go to another corner to sleep.


A kennel crate not only keeps your furniture safe from a curious or destructive pup while you’re away, it also keeps your pup safe from potentially dangerous situations when you can’t be there to supervise. Just like a child’s car seat, the dog’s crate needs to be properly secured before taking any trips. When you put your pet in a crate, remove his so it doesn’t get hooked or stuck, trapping or choking your dog.


The technological design of a kennel crate is simple. It’s an enclosure that keeps your pet inside. The selections are many depending on your needs and budget.

An indoor kennel used correctly for training management can prevent your dog from creating a mess in your home.

Note: Benji was not harmed in the creation of this content. 🙂

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